Chapter 9: Degrees of Freedom

Wormholes in Kozuch Theory

Apparently singular wormhole In Kozuch Theory, every particle is the mouth of a wormhole. In the 2-dimensional space shown here (left) the wormhole appears to have a singularity at its centre.
Apparently singular wormhole
The singularity is avoided by embedding the same wormhole in a space with two more dimensions, where every point is now free to occupy any position on the surface of a sphere; this sphere is called the “standard fibre” (below left). Paths through the wormhole that would converge can now side-step each other in the extra dimensions (below right).
Sphere with colour-coded surface Wormhole with colour-coded surface
The “standard fibre” for 2-dimensional Kozuch Theory Wormhole colour-coded to show how singularity is avoided

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