Instantiation Latest books:
Instantiation, eBook, Greg Egan, 2020.
Amazon Kindle (USA), Amazon Kindle (UK), Amazon Kindle (Australia), Smashwords, iTunes, Barnes and Noble Nook, Kobo; also in paperback from Amazon (USA), Amazon (UK) etc. [but apparently Amazon refuses to ship to Australia].
  • “The Discrete Charm of the Turing Machine”
  • “Zero For Conduct”
  • “Uncanny Valley”
  • “Seventh Sight”
  • “The Nearest”
  • “Shadow Flock”
  • “Bit Players”
  • “Break My Fall”
  • “3-adica”
  • “The Slipway”
  • “Instantiation”
The Best of Greg Egan
The Best of Greg Egan, Subterranean Press, 2019.
  • “Learning to Be Me”
  • “Axiomatic”
  • “Appropriate Love”
  • “Into Darkness”
  • “Unstable Orbits in the Space of Lies”
  • “Closer”
  • “Chaff”
  • “Luminous”
  • “Silver Fire”
  • “Reasons to be Cheerful”
  • “Oceanic”
  • “Oracle”
  • “Singleton”
  • “Dark Integers”
  • “Crystal Nights”
  • “Zero For Conduct”
  • “Bit Players”
  • “Uncanny Valley”
  • “3-adica”
  • “Instantiation”
Dichronauts Recent books:

Night Shade Books, 2017 (print editions worldwide, eBook for North America). Paperback edition: June 2018.

Outside North America, the eBook is available from Amazon UK, Amazon Australia, iTunes UK, iTunes Australia, Kobo UK, Kobo Australia and Smashwords.

Read an excerpt.

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I am a science fiction writer and computer programmer. This site contains:

  • Contact details: My email address can be formed from parts of the URL of this web site. Please don’t send messages to my agents or to other third parties to pass on to me, and please don’t ask me to sign books.
  • There are no photos of me on the web. The world contains many people besides me who are named Greg Egan, and thanks to the idiots at Google and the trashy click-bait sites they rely on it’s possible to find images online of half a dozen different people that are labelled as “Australian SF writer Greg Egan,” but none are what they claim to be.
Latest short:

Free to read online at, September 2019. (Also available as a DRM-free eBook from all the usual outlets, for about US$1, from 9 October.)

“The Slipway”

Analog, Jul/Aug 2019.

“This is Not the Way Home”

Mission: Critical, edited by Jonathan Strahan, Solaris, 2019.

Perihelion Summer
“Perihelion Summer”

Paperback/eBook novella from books, April 2019.


Asimov’s Science Fiction, Mar/Apr 2019.


Asimov’s Science Fiction, Sep/Oct 2018.


Hardback novella from Subterranean Press, April 2018; also available as an eBook.

Border Guards
“Border Guards”
Permutation City
Permutation City
The Planck Dive
“The Planck Dive”
Schild's Ladder
Schild’s Ladder

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